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Laureavida Wellness

Laureavida Wellness is a practice offering coaching services to clients over our 50 states. The main office is located in Marietta GA but all of our coaches conduct sessions online via FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom. 

The coaches located in Marietta GA can also see clients at our office located on Johnson Ferry Road in East Cobb GA. 

What are our qualifications?

Because the profession of coaching is not regulated, some states in the US do not require any qualifications for coaches.


However, because Laureavida strives to deliver quality care, all our coaches have received extensive training and are certified by a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Coaches concentrate on your future goals.

Have you read tons of self-help books, tried new ideas for a while and gone back to your previous routine? We all tend to gravitate to the path of least resistance. And what we know is a lot easier than facing change. Knowledge does not always equal change!

We made sure our coaches received extensive training to respond to all your questions and struggles.


Seeing a coach trained to identify the situation and who has the tools to help you overcome hurtles will make a major difference in your outcome.


We are also trained to identify in our assessment call if you are a good fit to succeed in our programs. Being open to change and motivated enough to work through the hurtles to achieve your goals are key to your success. The knowledge, guidance, and accountability you will receive from our coaches will carry you to your end goal.

Do you have a vision for your life and do not know where to start?

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well" Plato

Have you always blamed yourself for not reaching your goals?

Laureavida Wellness has partnered with Marietta Roswell Counseling, a mental health provider to offer quality care and address all underlying issues. In research, a lot more attention has been given to the mind and body connection and how the imbalances of one can so greatly affect the other. 

Our approach is very unique in that we partner with mental health counselors when needed to offer you with the maximum chance for success!


Your emotional state or past non-healed events or trauma could greatly impede your progress in reaching your future goals unless addressed with a qualified professional. For example, very often body image issues and eating disorders are linked to the past which could direclty affect your ability to reach a healthy weight.


Similarly, a condition such as bipolar disorder or ADHD, to name a few, could be exacerbated by poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles and Marietta Roswell Counseling therapists are also able to ask for our support as health coaches to offer the client with ways to shift their routine and lifestyles and naturally try to manage some of the symptoms. 

Not everyone in our programs needs to complement our life and health coaching sessions with sessions from a mental health practitioner, it is totally optional, but if you do, we have the right program for you.







Marietta Roswell Counseling is a reputable mental health provider offering counseling mainly in the state of GA but also in NC, SC, KY, and FL.

If you want to learn more about Marietta Roswell Counseling, visit their website at www.mariettaroswellcounseling.com

Taking it one step further:

A powerful connection- Body and Mind!

Our integrative approach