Integrative Nutrition 

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Improve your relationship with food and your health

Integrative nutrition is a more holistic approach considering nutrition as only one building block to wellness. Wellness also involves our relationships, exercise regimens, work, and spirituality.  

80% of our immune system is coming from our gut! As a matter of fact, the gut is so important, it is called the second brain... and it impacts our digestion as well as the secretion of certain hormones affecting our physical as well as mental health.

The American diet is creating havoc in our bodies and leaves many of us struggling with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes or heart issues.​

Receive general information about food and learn that not only what you eat but how you eat and when you eat can affect your health.

Learn how to identify healthy foods, organize your pantry, and set your kitchen for efficient meal preparation and cooking while still respecting your busy schedule.

I am French, never been on a diet, have always enjoyed the food I eat using intuitive eating and self-regulation or moderation. Moderation is the key that has a positive effect in every single area of our lives.